”Would You Like To Know About Us?”- We Like To Let You Know How Much Into Fashion We Are And How Much We Love To Share.

”Would You Like To Know About Us?”- We Like To Let You Know How Much Into Fashion We Are And How Much We Love To Share.

”Would You Like To Know About Us?”- They Are a Beautiful Familie, And they Are Foster Parents Of 4 Children.

This post is about us Mr. GARY & Mrs. TELMA, and our mission is a catalyst for women.

So, do you want to know about us?

If you want to ask about us, MY name is GARY and my wife’s name is TELMA.

We are Foster parents of 4 children.

 The whole family is dogs’ lover so, we have pet dogs. 

 This website menjistile.net is very dear to us. 

 My wife had a stroke in April 2017.

 Fortunately, she had recovered very soon and now she has taken the Kindle in her hand to lighten up the whole society.

 In this regards, she has started to provide a clear, better and superior insight of trendy and fabulous Fashion styles.

 I guess there is nothing left about us.

Our Mission

menjistile.net is a catalyst for women to feel, witness, and adopt true Fashion.

Our Essence

At our core, menjistile.net provides Rational thinking for distinguishing between the good and best.

 It operates on Imagination, Self-esteem, inclusivity, and Elegance.

 Our Promise

We deliver the Best, diverse, thorough, concrete, rational guide to Fashion trends. 

 We know that no single approach is the right one for everyone.

So, diversity will be depicted in our articles.

Our Vibe

At menjistile.net we make dreams come true.

 You dream to look sexy, bold, elegant, stylish and marvelous; we make them true by providing the solution for your plight.

 Every day reinvent what is possible.

In short, menjistile.net is one stop locus, where you get the solution to your plight and questions about us and Fashion.

Would you like to know about us? you should go into that and more way to know about us.

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About the Author:

My name is Telma Donahue, yes Telma, not Thelma, I have a Portuguese name so no H. I am from Brazil, but living in USA Florida for 18 years. I am married to Gary Donahue for 8 years and we became Foster Parents 6 years ago. Right now we have 3 foster girls and a Permanent Guard Ship of 1 teenager. We work in Insurance field for many, many years and we decide to joying WA to work in the future little less and enjoy life more. I love dogs so much and we have 3 little one in our home that brings allots happiness as well...

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