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Different Type Acrylic Nails!- The Best of The Best Acrylic Nails That Is Going To Make You Look Amazing.

“Different Type Acrylic Nails!” – The Best Of The Best Acrylic Nails That Is Going To Make You Look Amazing.

This post is about the different type of acrylic nails and the amazing one.

So, are you looking for the best acrylic nails?

Heading To The Saloon?

Overwhelmed about your nails shape?

 Don’t have the proper knowledge and inspiration for nails?

You have reached your destination.

You will get the answer to all your questions related to nails in today’s post.

Your wait is now over; I have compiled the best styles for nails that will make anybody look twice to your nails.

 This year try these exotic, cool, elegant and marvelous styles of nails to change your nails entirely.

If your hand look good you look good; you just need a different type of acrylic nails or even your real nails.  

There are many people who still look at the hands first when they meet some stranger.

Your hand can look utterly amazing or utterly miserable depending upon your nails.

Trimming nails and sharpening is something difficult.

The shape of your entire hand can be changed with the shape of the nails.

In other words, you can manipulate your hand’s beauty by changing the shape of your nails.

You can shape your nails at home easily by the guide I am sharing with you.

You don’t have a need to go to the saloon for manicure-pedicure.

Change the way your hand looks by opting for any of the design shared below.

Check out the latest styles of nails 2019.

Following are some of the best styles for a different type of acrylic nails.

Round Shape

Do you like normal or short nails?

Round nails are the best if you are of that kind of people who like normal nails or natural shapes.

The round nails look incredible and sophisticated.

The round shape is associated with elegance.

 If you have short fingers and short beds you can opt for the round shape nails.

They tend to elongate short fingers.

They look best with any shade of nail polish.

For more auspicious look leave them nude.

Different Type Acrylic NailsOval Shape Also Can Be A Different Type Of Acrylic Nails

The oval shape is my favorite!

However, you can try this shape to make your fingers look more beautiful.

 The best thing about the oval shape is its curvature; it simply enhances the slender look of your fingers.

The oval shape is also known as U shaped nails.

It provides you a feminine, classy and elegant look.

If your hands are short and have wide stubby nail beds then the shape that suits you most is oval shaped.

 It creates an illusion of longer fingers.

On the contrary, if your fingers are long but nail beds are stubby this style will look the best.

 The best thing about oval shaped is it allows a variety of nail arts.

You can opt for nail art or leave them nude to look marvelous.

Square Shape Is Also A Different Type Of Acrylic Nails

The square shape is best for those who want a sharp corner and straighter top.

It explicitly shows your bold side as well.

  Square shaped nails required zero to the very low time of maintenance.

 It looks bold, stylish and classy.

 You can opt for this design if your nail beds are narrower and fingers are tall. 

Different Type Acrylic Nails. Square ShapeRounded Square

Yes, you read it right, Rounded Square.

 You wanted round nails but were overwhelmed to try something new?

 Here is the deal for you.

 You can have different nail art in this shape. 

Having a different type of acrylic nails provides good support to nail art because of its duo nature.

It looks elegant and stylish.

 The best thing about this is its duo nature.

 It gives an illusion of both rounded and square cut.

Opt for this style if your fingers lie in between long and short with narrower nail bed

Ballerina Shape

Different Type Acrylic Nails. Ballerina ShapeIf you have long and sturdy nails naturally you can try this shape and you will love it.

However, you can achieve this perfection in your nails artificially as well.

It can provide you a chic like finish.

The highly glamorous ballerina style looks completely stylish and amazing.

You can opt for this style if the square and oval shape suit you.

 You can use matte finish nail polish to make them stand out the best; so, this way you will have the best different type of acrylic nails.

Almond Shape

This shape required nobody’s complement to make you feel elegant.

The shape is simply awesome.

 Narrow rounded end will make your hands look longer and your fingers slender.

Almond shape looks glamorous and gives your nails a feminine look.

 This shape looks best for those who have normal fingers but narrower and long nail beds.

 You can use plain, metallic and shiny nail polish to make this gorgeous nail style look marvelous.

Different Type Acrylic Nails. Stileto ShapeStiletto Shape

Stiletto nails are best when it comes to nail art.

 If you are a nail art lover, you should go for it.

 Shaping stiletto will make you look drama queen.

The shape is different from almond shape as it has a wider base and a respectively sharper end.

 This kind of nail style requires high maintenance.

 It potentially elongates your hands, there it’s very elegant and includes different type acrylic nails.

 You can opt for this style if you have free time to maintain them daily and have enough money to bear the expense of nail art.

 You can make the signature unique by wearing nail designs and pretty nail arts.

Nail styles

Following are some of the inspiration for nail styles.

Lipstick Nails

Going an event?

Different Type Acrylic Nails. Lipstick This is the nail style you can opt for.

This can be used in almost all shapes.

But if you try this cut shape it will be a plus point.

Flare Nails

Flare yes you can flare in and out.

Try this duckbill shape to get this look.

Arrowhead Nails

It is like stiletto nails.

 But, this shape and style will sharp your overall elegance in no time.

Edgy Nail

Use an edgy nail as a different type of acrylic nails and style this shape to achieve pulchritudinous elegance.

You can make a ridge through the center to mimic edge.

Dos And Don’ts of Nails


  • Different Type Acrylic Nails. EdgyApply base coats to your nails before using any nail polish.
  • Protect your skin while stamping your nails.
  • Use your fingers while painting your nails to make your hands steady.


  • Don’t mix too much polish. It will make your hand look awful.
  • Don’t apply the top coat in order to secure the charm of your nails.
  • It rather ruins all the charm.
  • Don’t remove the striping tape when the polish gets dry.
  • Do it before it dries.

You can try these styles and get inspiration about new nail styles and shapes of 2019 from these exotic and latest nail shapes.

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  1. Alice January 9, 2019 at 2:14 am - Reply

    These are really great ideas on how to style our finger nails. I would really like to try the oval shape to make my fingers look more slender. But because I play the guitar on Sundays at church, I just couldn’t; I have to keep my finger nails short. I can’t even apply nail polish on them because they tend to come off. I wonder if you have some practical tips on how to properly apply nail polish so they would last, without having to hit the saloon. 

    Thank you and I’m looking forward to your reply.

    • admin January 9, 2019 at 2:23 am - Reply

      Hey Alice, how are you?

      Thank you for your comments. I always say that nail polish is lucky. Sometimes they are good and sometimes not. I would apply less quote to last longer the nail polish, but on your case, I would advise the jailed one, even is little more price, but lest much longer. Hope so this help.

      Cheers to your success,


  2. Marita January 12, 2019 at 7:43 am - Reply

    I only do my nails on very special occasions, otherwise, I keep them short without nailpolish.

    I didn’t know that there are lots of shapes that you can do for your nails. 

    For ladies who regularly go to salons for their mani-pedi, I actually have a couple of friends who do this, I love looking at their well-polished nails and the colors that they wear.

    Thanks for this awesome post, I will refer my friends to your site.


    • admin January 12, 2019 at 8:07 am - Reply

      Thank you, Marita, I appreciate your referrals to your friends.  Yes, is a lot of shapes of nails. Thank you.



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