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My name is Telma Donahue, yes Telma, not Thelma, I have a Portuguese name so no H. I am from Brazil, but living in USA Florida for 18 years. I am married to Gary Donahue for 8 years and we became Foster Parents 6 years ago. Right now we have 3 foster girls and a Permanent Guard Ship of 1 teenager. We work in Insurance field for many, many years and we decide to joying WA to work in the future little less and enjoy life more. I love dogs so much and we have 3 little one in our home that brings allots happiness as well...

Can You Wear Red At Wedding?- The Best And Amazing Color That Will Make You Feel Elegant To Wear At Wedding.

Besides the black and white dress, Red dress will be your elegance enhancer. As in our previous posts, you can get inspiration to wear black or white. This post will enable you to develop a healthy and rational attitude

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How To Buy The Perfect Black Dress?- The Best Black Dress That Will Make you Feel Amazing and elegant For Ever.

"How To Buy The Perfect Black Dress?" This post is about how to buy the perfect black dress and how to wear them. So, do you want to know the perfect black dress that’s going to fit you and make you feel elegant? Black- Black- all the way.  Black is the only color which

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Are You Looking For Women’s designer Blouses On Sale?- The Best And Elegant Women’s Designer Blouses On Sale.

In earlier days blouse refers to the loose-fitting upper garment that women wore. But nowadays it implies the shirt of a girl or women. However, we can distinguish between a typical shirt and a blouse by a fact that a shirt covers the whole upper body,

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Are Looking For Top Rated Perfume For Women?- The Best Amazing And Elegant Top Perfume To Attract People.

Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents, used to give the human body, animals, food, objects, and living-spaces an agreeable scent. f you are perfume lover or are unaware of perfumes and looking to buy one,

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How To Look Younger Than The Age?- The Best Ways To Look Amzing And Elegant Than The Age In An Elegance Road.

Every single woman out there wants to look elegant and stylish. Choosing an Elegance dress to wear can make you look younger than your age. Women over 60 and overweight can enhance their look and look younger by only wearing an appropriate dress.

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How To Be A More Beautiful You? – The Best Ways To Be Beautiful Like A Peacock, Beautiful And Elegant Everyday.

Ever wonder, why people say you are as beautiful as Peacock? Didn’t hear it before? Then you might be lacking elegance. You may not look Beautiful or you just don’t want to look pulchritude. Beauty doesn’t come innately. Yeah… there are possible chances

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