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Welcome to the endless locus of Elegance, Fashion, and Style. Collect the best Style Inspiration from here to look your best, because you worth it. We are providing a platform from where you can vibe pure Elegance. I Gary and my wife Telma are working hard to promote the essence of true Fashion.

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Sneakers can be Elegant Also

How do you choose your shoes? Which factor do you consider the most while purchasing shoes? Are you overwhelmed by the non-comfy shoes while traveling? Stop being curious, I have come up with new shoe ideas today

Styles of Purses Mandatory Handbags & Purse Styles

Your attire and your elegance are incomplete if you are not using appropriate purse or handbag. For me, there is nothing as functional as a handbag or purse is. It can hold our daily use items and enhance

The Ultimate guide to Styles of Nails

Heading to the saloon? Overwhelmed about your nails shape? Don’t have the proper knowledge and inspiration for nails? You have reached your destination. You will get the answer to all your questions related to nails in today’s post. Your wait is now over

Wa is not a scam

I am so happy to find WA. We can get distracted and lost with so much information and interact with others in the live chat room. Let's not forget the community here is a 24/7/365 to help us any time we need, is our support easy and free as well. Any time of the day or night I have a question

Best primer for combination skin

It’s slightly difficult to work with a combination of skin. Few areas of the skin will be much oil in pores whereas some areas will be excessive dry. So it is complicated to find the one that fulfills your needs

Perfume A Key To Attract

Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents, used to give the human body, animals, food, objects, and living-spaces an agreeable scent. f you are perfume lover or are unaware of perfumes and looking to buy one,

How to do your makeup?

Makeup is a rare game changer. Ever wonder why every other girl coming out of saloon looks elegant? I know you have been wondering since 1st day. Well, you don’t have to be in wondering state; Here is a guide to look Pulchritudinous.

How To Look Younger Than Your Age?

Every single woman out there wants to look elegant and stylish. Choosing an Elegance dress to wear can make you look younger than your age. Women over 60 and overweight can enhance their look and look younger by only wearing an appropriate dress.

Be Beautiful like a Peacock

Ever wonder, why people say you are as beautiful as Peacock? Didn’t hear it before? Then you might be lacking elegance. You may not look Beautiful or you just don’t want to look pulchritude. Beauty doesn’t come innately. Yeah… there are possible chances

The Women Crazy Passion For Shoes

LOVE AND CRAZINESS FOR SHOES are endless. The Women Crazy Passion for Shoes is on a continues loop. After being evolved over the thousands of years, still, we found people wearing shoes. From very simple footwear to the variety of shoes including flats, heels, etc.


Women Thrive to be elegant, without knowing the sense of elegance. To look elegant and fashionable they buy a number of clothes, shoes, bags etc. LISTEN up, LADIES! matching your shoes or bags with the coat is not something that makes you Elegant.

Casa Marina

A Waldorf Astoria resort, Casa Marina nestles in the heart of Key West, Florida. The resort has managed to be an acclaimed landmark of grace, tranquillity and charm. A visit to this resort is ascertained as a luxurious escape from life’s monotony.

Top Hairstyle for women

hoosing a hair stile is never easy. If you are looking forward to have a haircut that suits your stile and elegance, you have come to the right place. Today we are going to share the top hair stile for women. These hairstyles, in my opinion, are best.

Cloths For Ladies

All women want to fill beautiful, sexy, attractive, charming, empowering, with stile, confident and elegant. A woman can’t fill like that if she is not appropriated dress to the occasion. “Must the time we are what we dress”.

Dress Codes

Silver the secret to lend icy glam

The New Year is on our doorsteps and many of us are still unable to decide what to wear at New Year’s Eve party. If you are one of those who have run out of ideas to dress up, congratulations I have exclusively come up with an extremely beautiful color

Green the most underrated color for dressing

reen is not only the color of nature but nurtures too. You might have seen the green color for showing the lively side of anything. This color is associated with prosperous life as well.

Golden the ultimate color to wear at Christmas

ey fellas! The Christmas is drawing near quickly. I have seen the women out there anguish about what to wear at Christmas. After a thorough research, I have come to an end that this Christmas

Brown Dress Code

Brown …!! My all-time favourite attire colour to wear. The brown colour is not only an evergreen colour rather it is personality enhancer. Regardless of your skin tone, this colour suits every person

Red – The Elegance Enhancer

Besides the black and white dress, Red dress will be your elegance enhancer. As in our previous posts, you can get inspiration to wear black or white. This post will enable you to develop a healthy and rational attitude

Wearing a sophisticated black dress

Every Woman needs to have a black dress in her closet.  You might have heard about the importance of black dress in your closet, but I am sure, you never grasp how valuable

Wear amazing and elegant white

The concept of wearing black only on funerals has perished. White is not a color that should be restricted to be only worn at particular events or funerals. I am of the opinion that the white should be wear on every occasion.

The secret to an elegant Blouse

In earlier days blouse refers to the loose-fitting upper garment that women wore. But nowadays it implies the shirt of a girl or women. However, we can distinguish between a typical shirt and a blouse by a fact that a shirt covers the whole upper body,

What To Wear Dress Codes

Choosing the right and appropriate dress is always a tough task for me. I have seen many people facing the same difficulty. People seem to be confused in types of occasions and what to wear. We usually in confusion chose the attire which just bombs our overall look.

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